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History of kennel

The love for great danes in my family it's started in december 1986, when my aunt gave to my parents Max, a great dane black of six months. In 1988 my parents, although newbies, began to participate in exhibitions with max, in April of the same year they decided to take another Great Dane in a breeding in Sicily, and so there was ceded Magna vis Delta, daughter of the italian champion Lacisiensis Igor X Italian Champion Isotta Indios dell'armida.

In 1989 began the career of exhibition of Delta that was interrupted in Foggia where he was to take place an international. After a long journey from palermo to foggia my parents arrived on the place they found that Delta had died, so went immediately to a veterinarian, who diagnosed a cerebrale stroke. My father suggested the autopsy, but the vet advised not having the right equipment to carry the coffin to the incinerator of the kennel of Foggia and so it was done. In January of 1990 they decided to take another female Great Dane, but black, to try to forget the beautiful blue Delta disappearance.

So was bought Ascia, daughter of champion Muaddib X Lida Indios Dell’Armida. In June of 1991 proposed to my father a black female of seven months, it was the notorious "Olga Indios dell'Armida", daughter of Notorious Indios Dell'Armida x IT. CH.Nicaragua Indios dell’Armida.

As soon as my father saw her knew immediately that it was a beautiful specimen. He began his long career exhibition, that for a exhibition not closed the italian championship. In May of 1993 we were sold a male harlequin three and a half years. It was Lacisiensis Curtius called "Flash", which became a reproductive champion, thanks to couplings with Ascia, with Olga Indios dell'Armida and with Armida (Daughter of Boy-h X Ascia-b). Among the many sons who had the qualification of excellent stands Esther Luna, daughter of Flash X Olga, owned by Ciro Spinella, who became Italian Champion. In May of 1995 we were sold a female blue ATHENA, daughter of Magna vis Ilko-bl X Magna vis Ines-b, which was approved in December of 1997 Italian Champion. In October 2000 it was part of our family another female blue, "Minerva", daughter of Shaquille Von Der Osterau X Aluna, in July of 2002 he obtained all the titles to be approved Champion Italian beauty. Later, at the meeting in Rome on 13/10/2002, was proclaimed champion of the year. Lastly, after winning two more meetings in 2004 was proclaimed champion social.

In February of 2002 my parents took a male blue two months called "Beethoven" son of Onassis Aura Dragonda X Esprit Mountains of Keraton, which was used for the couplings with our dogs. After that in my family there was no interest in dog shows and for some years not have longer participated in dog shows,despite having excellent show dogs. Growing up as a child in the company of my Great Danes, my love for this breed, over the years, could not help but increase and in the year 2013 I decided to personally manage the breeding, taking also with shows of beauty,so my parents gave me the two dogs of our breeding, the Great Dane female blue "Sissy" and the Great Dane black female "Seby". With Seby in 2013 I started, with the help of my father, show career achieving excellent results and finally reaching the proclamation Italian Beauty Champion.

The adventure continues.

Antonino Ruffino

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